Album Update!

Been ages!

Album nearly finished after an excruciating amount of set backs, technical problems and vocal chords being strained.

Full download album and CD’s released on the 10th January. Thanks for all your patience and understanding!

If you pledged on Go FundMe, please get in touch with your address details as soon as possible!

In the meantime here’s a Free Download!..

Go Fund Me Campaign

Hello Everyone…

I would really love to release my upcoming solo album
‘Planets and Jackets’ on lovely, shiny professional Vinyl and CD this year.

I’ve set up a page to see if anyone fancies helping out with the costs of getting the album recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and distributed.

In return I have set up reward levels so the more you pay the more goodies and treats you receive.

It has been a dream of mine to release a full album on vinyl and I would love to make this dream come through.

Any help towards this would be invaluable and would mean the absolute world to me.

Exciting times!

Love R x

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